• March 26, 2019

The Boat House Cafe – Case Study

The Boat House Cafe – Case Study

The Boat House Cafe – Case Study 150 150 tom

When we first met Derrick he had been trading for one year at The Boat House Café in Barking, East London.

After some poor advice from his previous accountant, Derrick was stung by a large VAT bill from HMRC.

Fast forward another 12 months, we sat down with Derrick and asked him for his opinions on working with us.

How did your business relationship with Kala Atkinson begin?

I needed a reliable, honest and trustworthy accountant. The previous company that we used was a disaster and Nadim was recommended by a friend. I got in contact via their website and the rest is history.

What are the positives about working with us?

Nadim is regularly available either at the end of the phone or face to face. I always feel confident that my tax and accountancy needs are being dealt with properly.

Every time I leave your office, I feel happier about my finances!

How have we helped you?

Firstly, all my filings are dealt with on time, whether it be VAT returns, payroll or year-end accounts.

On top of that, Nadim has helped me get up to date with the latest bookkeeping software (Xero) and has connected it to my till. This has automated a large part of my bookkeeping process and saved me time in the process.

I’ve also received training on Xero to get me started. However, If I get stuck someone is always available to help.

I can now see how my business is doing financially on a daily basis which helps me make decisions such as how much stock to buy for example.

The advice and help given goes above and beyond what I expected an accountant to provide!

What are your plans for the future?

I have plans to expand the business using extra space we have downstairs. Nadim prepared a cash flow forecast which really helped with investors and our landlord.

Would you recommend Kala Atkinson to other small businesses?

Of course! 100% all the way! I cannot recommend more highly.

At Kala Atkinson we offer more than just compliance and statutory filings. We can also provide you with access and training on tools which help you improve your financial reporting. Allowing you to make up to date and informative decisions.

Get in touch today to find out how we can help you.

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