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Coronavirus Additional Support 1024 678 Nadim

Coronavirus Additional Support

The chancellor has set out further measure to aid those business affected by Corona Virus including help for the self employed. Job Retention Scheme & furloughed workers This scheme is…

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Corona Virus
Coronovirus and Small Businesses 1024 576 Nadim

Coronovirus and Small Businesses

Chancellor Rishi Sunak on Tuesday revealed the governments package to assist the economy against the impact of the coronavirus. The effect or the coronavirus has been labelled as an economic…

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Tips to Reduce Corporation Tax 1024 683 Nadim

Tips to Reduce Corporation Tax

Corporation Tax is a tax levied on companies’ profits. The current tax rate is 19%; it has remained the same since 2017. Below are 4 tips to help you in…

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Employing Staff for the first time? 1024 683 Nadim

Employing Staff for the first time?

There are some important rules an employer needs to be aware of when hiring workers for the first time. We have listed 6 important rules you should know about when…

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How Technology has affected Accounting 1024 682 Nadim

How Technology has affected Accounting

Improvement in technology has made a huge impact in the accounting industry. More specifically, changes in the tax system and development in accounting software have significantly benefited the accounting industry.…

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Submitting Annual Accounts 1000 668 Nadim

Submitting Annual Accounts

Annual Accounts are financial reports that Private Ltd and Public companies must prepare at the end of a financial year. Filing this account is a legal requirement, so ensure that…

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Changes to Doctors Pensions 1024 576 Nadim

Changes to Doctors Pensions

The problem High earning NHS employees such as consultants and GPs are exposed to high pension tax charges which have lead to reduced final pension entitlements and a reduction in…

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VAT in a no deal Brexit 683 1024 Nadim

VAT in a no deal Brexit

It seems highly likely that the UK is on course for a no deal Brexit. HMRC have provided their guidance on the issues which small businesses will face in the…

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employing family members in your business
Can I employ family members in my business? 1024 683 Nadim

Can I employ family members in my business?

Employing Family Members Profit extraction is a complicated issue for all small businesses. Employing family members provides an opportunity to maximise extraction of cash from your business in a tax…

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Entrepreneurs’ relief: what is it and how does it work? 1000 668 Nadim

Entrepreneurs’ relief: what is it and how does it work?

Entrepreneurs’ Relief reduces the amount of capital gains tax that individuals pay on disposals of your business or certain business assets from 20% to 10%. The Basics If you’re selling…

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