• Wednesday Jan, 12, 2022

Claim Your Work From Home Tax Relief

Coronavirus Additional Support

Working from Home during the pandemic?

You may be eligible for a tax rebate worth up to £125 per tax year! HMRC are helping to cover the costs of working from home such as high electricity and telephone bills.

Am I eligible?

You can claim if all of the following apply -

• You were told to work from home by your employer

• Have not been re-imbursed by your employer for your expenses

• Do not file a tax return

Even if you worked from home for 1 day, you are still eligible to claim.

How much is this worth?

This depends on the rate at which you pay tax.

Basic rate payers will get £62 per year.

Higher rate payers will get £125 per year.

How do I claim?

Sign up for a government gateway account at the link below:

Claim tax relief for your job expenses: Working from home - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Once your application is approved your tax code will change and you will receive the money via your payslip! It is as simple as that!

If you need help claiming your work from home allowance, get in touch today!

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