• Tuesday May, 25, 2021

Tax Changes For Year Ending 5 April 2022

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The tax year ending 5 April 2021 has been a difficult time for all including small businesses. The new tax year, stated 6 April 2021 and brings in the new personal and business allowances for the next 12 months.

We've highlighted and summarised the main changes below:

Personal Allowance 

The amount at which an individual can earn before paying income tax has risen to £12,750. Individuals will pay income tax at a rate of 20% until they earn over £50,270. Finally, the 45% threshold remains the same at earnings over 45%. These thresholds will not change until 2026!

Director recommendations

As a director and shareholder of a small company we recommend paying yourself a salary of £8,840 and dividends up to a £41,430. Any dividends above this amount will be taxed at the higher rate of 32.5%.

Of course, all small business owners are different and its important to get advice tailored to your own circumstances.

Dividend allowance

The dividend allowances stays at £2,000. Basic rate payers will pay 7.5%, higher rate 32.5% and additional rate at 38.1% income tax on dividends earned during the tax year.

National minimum wage has increased to £8.91 from 1 April 2021. 

Personal pensions

Individuals can still contribute £40,000 into their pension for the year ending 5 April 2022 and the lifetime allowance remains at £1,073,100.

Corporation tax

For the year ending 5 April 2022 the CT rate remains at 19%. However from April 2023 the CT rate will rise to 25% with a small profits rate of 19% for companies with profits of less than £50,000.

Super deduction

To encourage businesses to invest the Chancellor has provided a super deduction against profits of 130% on qualifying expenditure. For more information on qualifying expenditure, read our article on the super deduction.

Recovery Loan Scheme

From April 2021 specific lenders will receive an 80% guarantee  on all eligible loans between £25,000 and £10m. For more information on if your business qualifies, read our article on the recovery loan scheme.

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