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Want to Switch Accountants? It's easier than you might think.

Switching Accountants

There may come a time as a small business owner when you think about switching accountants. Some of the questions you should ask yourself are:

  • Do you feel you are being overcharged for the service you are receiving? At Kala Atkinson we agree our fees upfront, so you know where you stand on fees.

  • Does your accountant understand you and the needs of your business? We are in regular contact with our clients to see how their business is growing and developing. We tailor our services to your needs and industry.

  • Are all your statutory filings filed on time? Its important that accounts and tax returns are filed well before their deadlines. Its easy to make mistakes when you’re filing things at the last minute! We work around your schedule to file your returns to make the process as time saving as possible.

Have you outgrown your accountant? We have a wealth of experience and qualified accountants who have knowledge of businesses in a wide range of industries. Therefore, we are fully equipped to deal with your needs.

swtich accountant
Switching accountant

Get the timing right

Its not always wise to just drop your accountant when you’re in the middle of completing year end accounts or tax returns. Also, if you’re in the middle of an investigation from HMRC its probably best for your current advisor to see this through.

Additionally, its important for fees with your current advisor to be up to date before moving to a new accountant. This could be the source of a hold up in the transfer.

Inform your current accountant

You must let your current accountant know that you intend to switch to a new provider. Hopefully, the relationship will be on good terms which will allow a smooth transition.

As your new accountants we will send a professional clearance letter to your old advisor informing them that we intend to take over and request all of the information we need to provide the services you need.

A new engagement letter between us and yourself will be agreed and signed which will signal the start of the new business relationship.

In conclusion, switching accountant is a simple process if you follow the right steps. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you and how we can help.

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